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The Learning Factory

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The Polar Center is sponsoring a Capstone Design project at the Learning Factory in the College of Engineering.

The iceberg will be presented at the College of Engineering, Learning Factory, Design Showcase at the Bryce Jordan Center, University Park Campus on December 11 2014 1:00 – 3:30p.m in the arena.

In an effort to increase public interest and chances to explore while driving the ROV we came upon the idea of having a floating artificially constructed iceberg in the pool. The iceberg could be a large unit floating partly in the water with crevasses and shelves to be explored with the underwater camera mounted on the ROV. We would like the iceberg to be large (4’ X 6’) and primarily white, consisting of one or two units. It should mimic a real iceberg as much as possible, with 90% under water and the remaining 10% above water, floating. The iceberg should be reusable and constructed in ways to be assembled/collapsed for storage. In order for the iceberg to become a point of a treasure hunt, underwater shelves need to be functional. The iceberg could also have color markers situated in crevasses for exploration and “check off” purposes.