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PEI Master Class

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Climate scientist Dr. Richard Alley and science teacher Ms. Nell Herrmann will be teaming up to present the first Polar Educators International (PEI) Master Class for educators, scientists, science communicators, and the general public.


The Master Class series is designed with two audiences in mind: educators who want to build their science knowledge and researchers who are interested in improving their science communication skills.
For educators:
Class One will provide a deeper understanding of current polar science research through Dr. Alley’s explanations of ice sheet collapse and the resulting effect on sea level rise. Proven classroom activities to bring this home to your students will be shared by Ms. Herrmann. For researchers: Dr. Alley will model how he uses analogies to connect the science concepts to the audience’s experiences, providing a clearer understanding and a common ground on which to scaffold new scientific information.


Class: 7-23 May 2014
Webinar date/time:
00:00 UTC 8 May 2014/20:00 (8:00 p.m.) EDT 7
May 2014
Class online discussion:
12-23 May 2014


Webinar archive:

Richard Alley, Ph.D.- Penn State professor, polar ice expert, Nobel Prize winner, environmental, scientist, and PBS host.

Photo by Geoff Haines-Stiles for Earth: The Operators’ Manual

Nell Herrmann, M.A., M.S.- Blue Hill, Maine science educator, naturalist, PolarTREC educator, field research in Antarctica, Greenland, Venezuela, and Costa Rica.

Photo by Jeff Otten, United States Antarctic Program