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Dr. James Dixon at Polar Day 2014

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Dr. James (Jim) Dixon is the Director of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. He is a foremost authority on the peopling of the New World. In fact, Dr. Dixon is one of the primary advocates for a new hypothesis that t humans entered the New World from Siberia by crossing the Bering Sea in boats instead of the traditional pedestrian model of the Bering Land Bridge. He has worked on archaeological sites from Alaska to New Mexico. However, the topic of his presentation is based upon new research which involves surveying melting ice fields in the American arctic and high mountain areas for human artifacts that have melted out of the ice. The exquisite preservation of these artifacts (spears that still contain the wooden shaft, feathers and sinew wrapped around stone points) reveals a whole new dimension to our understanding of prehistoric humans and their adaptations to environment.