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2014 Polar Day Poster Contest Winners

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Tiara-Lee-FINAL-poster-2014Tiara Lee is a junior in the Arts and Architecture program at Penn State. She is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has experienced living in a lot of different places around the world due to her father being in the Air Force. After graduating from college she hopes to continue pursuing art in any way that she can. She will possibly further her education and go on to grad school. When not drawing she enjoys listening to music, watching movies, reading comic books, and cooking.

Maddy-Nyblade-FINAL-poster-2014Maddy Nyblade is a senior at State High and currently taking an advanced photography class. For the past three years, Maddy has been part of Ms. Herrmann’s PolarTREC club where we learned about arctic science and shared it with middle school students. Maddy says “It was an honor to be part of this experience”. Maddy plans to continue promoting science in her school by initiating a new guest speaker series, FRED talks, where scientists will give an hour presentation for any interested students at State High. Her other interests include cooking, hiking, biking, and running. This winter, she also became a ski patroller at Tussey Mountain after two years of training.


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