Changes in Antarctic Ice -400,000 years to present

Polar sonifications by Mark Ballora and Matt Kenney. Read More

Photos from Polar Day 2014

Check out some photos from Polar Day 2014. Read More

Poster Contest Winners

Take a look at the winners of the Polar Day 2014 poster contest! Read More

PEI Masterclass

Climate scientist Dr. Richard Alley and science teacher Ms. Nell Herrmann will present the first PEI Master Class. Read More

Buzz Scott ROV

Buzz Scott is the visionary and driving force behind OceansWide... Read More

People of a Feather

Check out People of a Feather A film about survival in a changing Canadian Arctic. Read More

Shipboard newspapers as social media for early polar explorers.

Hester Blum studies the print culture of 19th century Arctic expeditions. Read More

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